St Ignatius Riverview wins inaugural championship

Friday, 5 August was a night of firsts for footy in Sydney.

It was the first time an Australian rules match had been contested at Netstrata Jubilee Oval in Kogarah – home of NRL’s St George Dragons. It was the first time Sydney’s Independent Boys Schools’ championship contested a Grand Final. And it was the first time St Ignatius Riverview held up a premiership cup for Australian rules, comfortably defeating Newington College.

A rivalry is born

The scene was set for a big grand final, with both teams facing different paths on their way there.

Newington won its preliminary final by one point in extra time, and St Ignatius demolished its opponent by more than 100 points. That might indicate a one-sidedness coming into the match, but the pair tied at their last meeting, setting up a mouth watering contest.

Around 1,000 people attended the match, with schoolboys from both sides throwing their support behind their chargers through drumming, chants and song.

Riverview reaps rewards

From the first bounce there was a sense Riverview was more prepared to play. Their bigger bodies and crisper ball movement allowed them to get forward early and bag the first two goals of the game, setting the scene for the rest of the evening.

Newington’s inaccuracy at goal at crucial moments deflated the team in a night when scoring wasn’t easy to come by. However, the team kept pushing until the final siren, ensuring their legions of fans were proud of the side.

Final Score

St Ignatius Riverview 11.7.73 def Newington College 2.6.18

Inside mid, Zac Nandlal of Riverview (Year 11), was judged best afield by his opposition and a panel from AFL NSW/ACT.


Photos below by Narelle Spangher