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Visit our Community Grants page for the latest grants available.

It is important to have written support from your local council and/or land owners before applying for any facility grants.


The AFL Preferred Facilities Guidelines should be used by State and Territory Australian Football Controlling Bodies, Councils, Leagues, Clubs, Schools and associated stakeholders to inform the provision and development of appropriate facilities for community level Australian Football venues.

Please see the AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines here


As the demand for Australian Football increases, there is a continual need to improve the carrying capacity of community sporting grounds.

On average, turf fields can accommodate up to 30 hours of usage a week. For venues which require more than the 30 hours, synthetic turf surfaces should be considered.

The AFL and Cricket Australia endorse the playing of community level Australian Football and cricket on a synthetic turf surface that meets the criteria in the AFL CA Handbook of Testing for Synthetic Turf March 2018.

For further information on synthetic surfaces please visit the AFL Community Club website.


Across Australia, we are seeing a dramatic surge in grassroots sports participation. At the same time, many sports facilities do not meet unisex design requirements and the cost to upgrade them is in the hundreds of millions. Through our collaboration with Ausco Modular, we now have a building solution that will enable the health and growth of the game, with club facilities delivered up to 60% faster at 15-30% less cost.

This innovation in construction allows Governments, Councils and Clubs to invest in best practice facilities that meet the requirements of their sporting community from a design, cost and quality perspective.

For more information please visit the AFL Community Club website.


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