Youth Girls Northern Academy Series wrap up

The AFL NSW/ACT Youth Girls Academy players competed in the Northern Academy Series over the weekend in Coffs Harbour.

Split into two squads – the Sydney Swans and the GWS GIANTS – the Under 18s players took on the Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns Academies at CEX Coffs International Stadium.

AFL NSW/ACT Youth Girls Assistant Coach, Nicola Barr took the reins of the Sydney Swans outfit, saying she was pleased to see an overall improvement across the whole squad.

“The Northern Academy Series over the weekend in Coff Harbour was a huge success,” said Barr.

“It was great to see how much the girls seemed to develop in such a short space of time.

“The girls were really competitive and acted in an elite manner throughout the weekend, which sets them up well in terms of a pathway towards AFL Women’s.

“While a lot of the girls were fantastic, Georgia Breward and Tash McKay both stood out for me.

“Breward is a small player whose skills, courage in the game and decision making skills were a real stand out. I also loved McKay’s ability to know when to leave her opponent in the back line to take an intercept mark – she is also really strong in her attack on the footy.”

The final AFL NSW/ACT Youth Girls squad to take on Tasmania on June 1 and 3 will be named in the coming month. Following this series with Tasmania, players from each team will be selected to play for the Eastern Allies who will contest in the Under 18 AFL Women’s Championships in July.


Game One – Brisbane Lions vs. GIANTS

Brisbane Lions – 3.3 (21)

GIANTS – 2.8 (20)

Brisbane Lions Goals – Middleton, Abbott, Moore

GIANTS Goals – Doyle, Quinlivan

Game Two – Gold Coast Suns vs. Sydney Swans

Gold Coast Suns – 3.6 (24)

Sydney Swans – 0.1 (1)

Gold Coast Suns Goals – Groves-Little, Phinnesea, Rowlands

Sydney Swans Goals – nil

Game Three – Brisbane Lions vs. Gold Coast Suns

Brisbane Lions – 10.6 (66)

Gold Coast Suns – 3.2 (20)

Brisbane Lions Goals – Abbott 2, White 2, Yorston 2, Gregory, Postlethwaite, Suter, Jordan

Gold Coast Suns Goals – Brennan, Bradfield, Hammans

Game Four – GIANTS vs. Sydney Swans

GIANTS – 9.5 (59)

Sydney Swans – 4.5 (29)

GIANTS Goals – McKee 2, Keenan 2, Schirmer, Cumming, Hamilton, McFarlane, Parker

Sydney Swans Goals – Gay, Ronalds, Priestly, Garnett

Game Five – Gold Coast Suns vs. GIANTS

Gold Coast Suns – 6.7 (43)

GIANTS – 0.1 (1)

Gold Coast Suns Goals – Ahwang 2, Bradford, Hammans, Smith, Tarlinton

GIANTS Goals – nil

Game Six – Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney Swans

Brisbane Lions – 5.3 (33)

Sydney Swans – 2.1 (13)

Brisbane Lions Goals – Middleton 2, Yorston, Gregory, Abbott

Sydney Swans Goals – Gulden, Ferguson

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