Kickability Gala Day a huge success in the Central West

Almost 150 students from across six schools in the Central West participated in the AFL Inclusion Kickability Gala Days held recently in Dubbo and Bathurst.

Students from Dubbo Public School, Dubbo North Public School, Dubbo South Public School and Orana Heights Public School attended the Dubbo Gala Day held on Monday, 10 May and students from Kelso Public School and Carenne School attended the Bathurst Gala Day held on Tuesday, 11 May.

The event was open to all school support units and was a huge success, with students getting heavily involved with activities that help to build basic skills of the game in a fun and safe environment.

Tanya Pringle, sports organiser and teacher at Carenne School said the event was extremely well organised.

“The students have all thoroughly enjoyed it and have all been committed to each of the activities, and with the coaching of the staff, they have been able to show progress throughout the day,” Ms Pringle said.

“The coaching staff are all really positive and working really well with the students with a variety of disabilities.”

Students participated in multiple activities throughout the day, designed at improving their skills, coordination, fitness, and teamwork.

Casey White, Competition & Development Coordinator Central West, was pleased with how the two days ran, noting the team it took to run these events as well as the outstanding support from the schools who participated.

“It was a massive two days for our team, and thankfully we had the support of the Sydney and Hunter-Central Coast Game Development teams to help staff the days,” Mr White said.

“It is so important for sports to provide these opportunities for students with special needs and to facilitate two fantastic experiences for Central West students was incredible. The schools were great, and they did everything possible to ensure their students had a positive experience at the carnivals, whilst also assisting our staff to run activities.”

The event provided a platform for students with special needs to experience the benefits of organised sport. For most participants it was an introduction to the AFL’s Kickabilty program, which is currently being run in Bathurst with plans to launch in Dubbo within the next 12 months.

With the recent success across the two days in Bathurst and Dubbo, Mr White said there will be more opportunities for students with disability to experience AFL.

“We are regularly involved with the multi-sport days and Activate Inclusion programs across Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo,” White said.

For more information about the local Kickability programs across the Central West, and opportunities for students with disabilities to play AFL, contact Casey White at