Recap: NAB AFL U16 Division Two National Championships


Round 1 NAB AFL U16 National Championships: NSW/ACT v NT
Saturday, 11 June

It was a tight contest between the NSW/ACT Rams and the Northern Territory side up until half-time, however NSW/ACT Rams were victorious by 46 points.

Final score: NSW/ACT 12.16 (88) defeated Northern Territory 5.12 (42)

Goals: Jai Reed 4, Matt Walker 3, Jackson Carmody 2, Shaydan Close 2, Jeromy Lucas

Best: Chris Holten, Jack Rowston, Riley Corbett, Nick Blakey, Max Beaumont, Ben Kelly.


Round 2 NAB AFL U16 National Championships: NSW/ACT v QLD
Tuesday, 5 July

NSW/ACT took a bit to get going in the slippery/wet conditions. But after half-time they controlled the game on their terms.

Final score: NSW/ACT 13.11 (89) defeated Queensland 9.12 (66).

Goals: Jackson Carmody 3, Shaydan Close 3, Nick Blakey 2, Jai Reed 2, James Peatling 2, Chris Holten.

Best: Nick Blakey, Jai Reed, Shaydan Close, Mathew Walker, Jackson Carmody, Shaun Driscoll.


Round 3 NAB AFL U16 National Championships: NSW/ACT v TAS
Saturday, 9 July

Final score: NSW/ACT 9.8 (62) defeated by Tasmania 11.12 (78)

Goals: Lucas3,Close2,Corbett,Walker, Carmody,Beaumont

Best: Kelly, Richardson,Kozschitzke,Lucas, Beaumont,Peatling


Nick Blakey was named MVP for NSW/ACT  in the Division Two U16 NAB AFL National Championships.

Nick Blakey MVP U16s