NAB League: Swans and GIANTS to face final test

The Sydney Swans and GIANTS Academies will take part in their final NAB League matches of the year this weekend.

The GIANTS will come up against the side the Swans defeated last week, the Murray Bushrangers on Saturday in Albury. After a narrow loss to the Gippsland Power last week, they will be looking to leave the NAB League with a winning impression.

Edward Perryman returns to the side after spending the past three weeks playing in the NEAFL. Tom and Josh Green are also back into the team, as are Maximus Monaghan and Coopa Steele.

Out for the GIANTS this week are Jack Cullen, Harry Radley, Rhys Mooney, Drew Beavan and James Peatling who has played all matches for the GIANTS thus far this NAB League season.

On Sunday, the undefeated Swans will take on the Geelong Falcons, the side responsible for the 2018 Number One Draft pick, in Carlton’s Sam Walsh.

The Swans will welcome back Errol Gulden and Braeden Campbell, fresh from their defeat of the New Zealand side, playing for Australia in the annual ANZAC Day clash.

Sam Gaden, Thomas Tyson, Thomas Baxter and Zac Youlten have also gained a spot in the final team to represent the Swans Academy this year.

Missing out on Round 6 action are Marco Rossman, Thomas Drum, Cooper Wilson, Pierce Roseby and Thomas Trevaskis.




What: NAB League

When: Saturday, May 4 at 12pm

Where: Albury Sportsground

Live stream + stats: Download the NAB League App 


B: 40. J. Bishop, 24. N. Murray, 5. K. Flack

HB: 14. S. Driscoll, 29. G. Kendall, 43. S. Frost

C: 28. M.  McGrory, 12. L.  Squire, 9. E.  Perryman

HF: 2. M. Hamblin, 26. L. Delahunty, 3. J. Moen

F: 1. H. Grant, 22. L. Conlan, 27. J. Green

R: 30. J. Gardiner, 17. J. Lucas, 25. T. Green

Int: 47. S. Brown, 6. T. Organ, 41. S. Quirk, 16. C. Steele

23P: 42. M. Monaghan

In: E. Perryman, T. Green, M. Monaghan, C. Steele, J. Green

Out: J. Cullen, H. Radley, R. Mooney, D. Beavan, J. Peatling



What: NAB League

When: Sunday, May 5 at 12pm

Where: Trevor Barker Oval

Live stream + stats: Download the NAB League App 


B: 22. M. Geddes, 4. R. van Huisstede, 33. K. Martin

HB: 12. N. Brewer, 39. J. Rayner, 3. L. Parks

C: 23. E.  Gulden, 9. S.  Thorne, 16. L.  Swaney

HF: 10. J. Barling, 2. H. Ellem, 11. A. Watling

F: 7. B. Campbell, 40. S. Gaden, 15. H. Parker

R: 6. C. Nash, 8. K. McGrath, 38. J. Dol

Int: 14. T. Baxter, 28. N. Casalini, 5. H. Maguire, 27. M. Sheather, 29. T. Tyson

23P: 21. Z. Youlten

In: B. Campbell, T. Tyson, E. Gulden, T. Baxter, S. Gaden, Z. Youlten

Out: M. Rossmann, T. Drum, C. Wilson, T. Trevaskis, P. Roseby

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