Celebrating 110 years of Burley Footballs

Since 1907, Burley have been producing AFL footballs to leagues and Clubs right across Australia. Bounced for the first time in a WAFL match between East Fremantle and West Perth, Burley balls were soon kicked around the nation hitting leagues in Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia.

Nowadays, Burley balls are on footy fields everywhere, including grounds right across the New South Wales and ACT region.

To celebrate 110 years of production, Burley are proud to offer all leagues and Clubs within New South Wales and the ACT, competitive prices when ordering through AFL NSW/ACT.

  • Australian Leather – Club Size 5 – $77.00/ball incl. GST
  • Imported Leather – League Size 5 – $43.00/ball incl. GST
  • Synthetic – Size 5 – $15.00/ball incl. GST

In providing competitive prices, Burley hopes for all leagues and Clubs to be able to put more money into their grassroots development.

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