Female Diversity Championships wrap up in Byron

The AFL Female Diversity Championships have wrapped up in Byron Bay with the closing ceremony being held this morning.

The All Nations team finished the week with three wins, while the young Kickstart side performed strongly and never gave in against their more-experienced other opponents.

The All Nations team took wins over Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. They arguably saved their best performance until last, defeating the Northern Territory by 47 points in their final game of the week.

Sarah Heptinstall was named Most Valuable Player of the AFL NSW/ACT All Nations side, regularly selected within the team’s best on ground performers, and popping up with several crucial goals.

Adol Abuoi was another player who impressed in Byron Bay throughout the week.

Despite not gaining a win, the AFL NSW/ACT Kickstart side impressed as they put in a strong week of footy. They gave Western Australia a run for their money in their first game of the tournament and almost got over the top of Tasmania on day two.

Lilli-Mae Brunton was named Most Valuable Player for the NSW/ACT Kickstart side, her best performance coming in her sides narrow defeat to Tasmania. Kanayla Clayton was another standout for the team across the week in Byron.

As a result of their performances, eight NSW/ACT players were selected for the Medleys and Woomeras representative teams, and will go into camp early next year.

On Friday, Victoria won the All Nations competition, while Western Australia won the Kickstart final.

Both AFL NSW/ACT sides will be looking to build on their performances heading into next year’s competition.

You can see a full list of this week’s results below.

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Match 1 – Tuesday, 10 October

VICTORIA – 4.4.28

NSW/ACT – 2.6.18

NSW/ACT GOALS: S Tapugao S Heptinstall (1)

NSW/ACT BEST: S Heptinstall, S Sarraf, S Wright

Match 2 – Tuesday, 10 October


NSW/ACT – 3.6.24

NSW/ACT GOALS: S Heptinstall; S Sarraf

NSW/ACT BEST: S Heptinstall, E Pease, A Abuoi

Match 3 – Wednesday, 11 October

NSW/ACT – 4.5.29

TASMANIA – 3.2.20

NSW/ACT GOALS: L Gilmour E Shefts A Abuoi (1)

NSW/ACT BEST: S Heptinstall, D Rustom, E Pease

Match 4 – Wednesday, 11 October


NSW/ACT – 1.2.8

NSW/ACT GOALS: A Abuoi (1)

NSW/ACT BEST: S Heptinstall, H Colluccio, E Soffe

Match 5 – Thursday, 12 October

NSW/ACT – 8.10.58


NSW/ACT GOALS: E Pease S Tapugao E Shefts D Rustom

NSW/ACT BEST: A Abuoi, E Pease, S Tapugao

Match 6 – Thursday, 12 October

NSW/ACT – 7.5.47


NSW/ACT GOALS: D Rustom (3); E Pease S Heptinstall (2)

NSW/ACT BEST: D Rustom, H Colluccio, S Wright


Match 1 – Tuesday, 10 October


NSW/ACT – 4.1.25

NSW/ACT GOALS: M Waters-Holten (2); K Cutmore M Kelly-Scholes (1)

NSW/ACT BEST: A Tabuai-Salee, A Haberecht, N Riley-Brown

Match 2 – Tuesday, 10 October

VICTORIA – 6.6.42

NSW/ACT – 0.0.0

NSW/ACT BEST – N Riley-Brown, L Brunton, A Evans

Match 3 – Wednesday, 11 October


NSW/ACT – 0.2.2

NSW/ACT BEST: R Riley-Brown, K Clayton, C Bedford

Match 4 – Wednesday, 11 October

TASMANIA – 3.3.21

NSW/ACT – 2.1.13

NSW/ACT GOALS: L Brunton M Waters-Holten (1)

NSW/ACT BEST: C Whitton, L Brunton, K Clayton

Match 5 – Thursday, 12 October


NSW/ACT – 0.0.0

NSW/ACT BEST: K Cutmore, M Jaffer, L Brunton

Match 6 – Thursday, 12 October

NSW/ACT – 0.1.1


NSW/ACT BEST: M Jaffer, K Kelly, K Clayton