Wheelchair AFL part of a fun and inclusive weekend

Wheelchair AFL was front and centre over the weekend at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation in Narrabeen.

Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT delivered two fantastic, inclusive and free multi-sport days to give athletes and interested observers alike the chance to try wheelchair sports.

On Saturday, 4 December – just a day after International Day for People with Disability – the Her Sport Christmas Festival saw dozens of women and girls getting involved in myriad wheelchair sports including Wheelchair AFL, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis.

On Sunday, Rolling Rainbow Sports Day celebrated LGBTQ+ inclusion in wheelchair sport. Wheelchair AFL was on offer for willing participants but all agreed the highlights were the handbag discuss competition and the drag race, which included a hilarious mix of wheelchair racing and drag!

Tiffany Robertson, Head of AFL NSW/ACT had a great day participating in the Her Sport Christmas Festival on Saturday, 4 December. “It was great to support Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT in these celebrations of inclusion,” she said. “I had a fantastic time playing the various wheelchair sports alongside Australian legends and members of the community. AFL NSW/ACT is looking forward to progressing Wheelchair AFL across the state after running successful programs in Albury in 2021.”

Rebecca Marshall, AFL NSW/ACT’s Participation and Programs Manager said of Rolling Rainbows: “I loved every minute of the Rolling Rainbows event. It was so fun to play wheelchair sport with people from so many walks of life. Thanks Wheelchair Sport NSW/ACT for giving us all the opportunity to try something new and make new friends. I’m looking forward to seeing more Wheelchair AFL in NSW and the ACT.”

Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT is looking to add Wheelchair AFL hubs in Canberra, Northern NSW and Sydney in the next 12 months and AFL NSW/ACT are looking forward to supporting the sport’s inclusion across the region.

Thank you Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT for a terrific weekend of fun and inclusivity!


Photo Copyright Karen Watson Photography