NSW/ACT generation next set for Grand Final

Above: Callum Mills and Jacob Hopper will play together on Grand Final day.

Up to 16 NSW/ACT products could play in October’s Grand Final curtain-raiser, with the squads for the Allies and NAB AFL Academy released today.

12 NSW/ACT products have been named in the 25-man Allies team, with a further four included in the Academy’s 33.

Sydney Swans academy midfielder Callum Mills looks set to play just his fourth game of the season as he lines up for the Allies, which is made up of 2015 draft prospects from the division two teams – NSW/ACT, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Fellow first round draft prospects Matthew Kennedy and Jacob Hopper have also been included, along with draft fancies Harrison Himmelberg, Jock Cornell, Lachlan Tiziani, and Matthew Flynn.

The Allies will play the level two Academy squad, which is the group of highly-rated players eligible for the 2016 draft.

The NSW/ACT NAB AFL Academy crop includes Level 2 inductees Kobe Mutch, Harrison Macreadie, Zachary Sproule, and Will Setterfield

The clash at the MCG hours before the AFL premiership is decided proved to be an important contest for recruiters last year, as Nakia Cockatoo returned for his only game of the season and won best-afield honours.

Cockatoo went on to be a top-10 pick for Geelong after gathering 20 disposals and kicking a brilliant running goal in the curtain-raiser.

With the introduction of trading future picks, clubs will also be watching the NAB AFL Academy squad with a keen eye.

Small forward Ben Ainsworth, midfielders Jacob Allison, Sam Petrevski-Seton and Will Brodie, and tall defender Harrison Macreadie are among the candidates as early selections next year.

The Allies and Academy game will start at 10am at the MCG on Grand Final morning, and will be broadcast live on AFL.com.au.

The full team lists are below, with NSW/ACT products highlighted.


1. Davin Ferreira (NT)
2. Kieran Lovell (Tas)
3. Michael Hagan (NT)
4. Daniel Rioli (NT)
5. Jake Marshall (NSW/ACT)
6. Corey Wagner (QLD)
7. Reuben William (QLD)
8. Nick Dodge (Tas)
9. Charlie Bance (NSW/ACT)
10. Nick Weller (QLD)
11. Ben Keays (QLD)
12. Callum Mills (NSW/ACT)
13. Jacob Hopper (NSW/ACT)
14. Brydon Hodgson (NSW/ACT)
15. Jock Cornell (NSW/ACT)
16. Matthew Kennedy (NSW/ACT)
17. Lachlan Tiziani (NSW/ACT)
18. Mitch Hibberd (Tas)
19. Harrison Himmelberg (NSW/ACT)
20. Max Canfield (NSW/ACT)
21. Nick Coughlan (NSW/ACT)
22. Mabior Chol (QLD)
23. Wylie Buzza (QLD)
24. Matthew Flynn (NSW/ACT)
25. Eric Hipwood (QLD)

Coach: Adrian Fletcher

Australian Under-17s

1. Brandan Parfitt (NT)
2. Ben Ainsworth (Vic Country)
3. Jy Simpkin (Vic Country)
4. Steven Slimming (SA)
5. Jordan Gallucci (Vic Metro)
6. Jack Graham (SA)
7. Sam Petrevski-Seton (WA)
8. Kobe Mutch (NSW/ACT)
9. Jonty Scharenberg (SA)
10. Will Brodie (Vic Country)
11. Brad Scheer (QLD)
12. Jack Bowes (QLD)
13. Noah Hura (WA)
14. Will Setterfield (NSW/ACT)
15. Ben McGuinness (Tas)
16. Sam Powell-Pepper (WA)
17. Jarrod Berry (Vic Country)
18. Zachary Sproule (NSW/ACT)
19. Jarrod Korewha (Vic Country)
20. Jack Scrimshaw (Vic Metro)
21. Harrison Macreadie (NSW/ACT)
22. Jacob Allison (QLD)
23. Josh Rotham (WA)
24. Luke Strnadica (WA)
25. Jeremy Goddard (WA)
26. Josh Battle (Vic Country)
27. Myles Poholke (Vic Country)
28. Alex Witherden (Vic Country)
29. Jake Waterman (WA)
30. Peter Ladhams (SA)
31. Jack Rolls (QLD)
32. Hugh McCluggage (Vic Country)
33. Jordan Sweet (SA)

Coach: Brenton Sanderson