How’s Ya Mate Round visits Broken Hill

AFL Broken Hill partnered with Lifeline last weekend to bring the fifth annual How’s Ya Mate Round to the Silver City.


Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast invited three AFL legends to the far west for an unforgettable weekend of mental health awareness.


How’s Ya Mate Round kicked off on Friday night with a free event featuring the three past players speaking candidly about their experiences around mental health. Abbey Holmes, Dustin Fletcher, and Brock McLean generously answered audience questions, with no topic off-limits.


Each of the past players were then allocated a club to spend Saturday with at their local matches. (If you were wondering: Holmes joined Central Magpies, Fletcher the West Robins, McLean the South Roos.) Players and spectators were eager to hear from the past players and tell them their stories.


How’s Ya Mate Round was a great weekend which emphasised the importance of mental health discussions and checking in with those close to you.


Thank you to everyone involved.


Lifeline | 13 11 14

Lifeline Crisis Text | 0477 13 11 14

Lifeline Broken Hill | 8087 7525