Connecting with culture on Leadership Camp

AFL NSW/ACT’s Youth Leadership Camps are run several times throughout the year. The camps bring together young footballers, usually aged between 13-16 years, from all across NSW and the ACT. Participants in the program and either identify as Indigenous or as having a multicultural background, and the male and female camps are held separately.

The Youth Leadership Camps develop participants as footballers and people, focusing on physical skills but also connection to culture and leadership skills.

This video is taken from the Indigenous Male Youth Leadership Camp and the Multicultural Male Youth Leadership Camp, held in July 2022.

Support from Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW is an invaluable supporter of AFL NSW/ACT’s Indigenous Youth Leadership Programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth since 2014.

Through the programs, Transport for NSW has imparted wisdom onto dozens of our young leaders about the importance of road safety and developing leadership in their community by reinforcing road safety messages to help our state move Towards Zero road fatalities by 2056.

Thank you for Transport for NSW’s ongoing support of our young and talented leaders.