Beeson ready for first AFL Women’s home game

Written by Leyla Kaya.

“It wasn’t something that I necessarily thought would ever happen, maybe twelve months ago I’d never have dreamed that there would be a professional women’s AFL competition” says GWS GIANTS AFLW player Rebecca Beeson.

When she moved to Perth eight years ago, Rebecca decided to join the local Youth Girl’s competition and since then, she has not looked back.

At just 19 years of age, she is not only studying a Commerce and Media degree at the University of New South Wales, but also is also playing as a half-forward for the GIANTS in the AFL Women’s competition.

When she’s not at university, the beach, or simply watching TV at home, you will find Rebecca at the GIANTS Club where she spends her afternoons relaxing, training and hanging out with her teammates.

“My ultimate sporting achievement would be to win the AFLW Premiership with the GIANTS,” she says.

“I was extremely excited and honoured to have been selected”.

Her family were very excited but have also told her to keep her mind on the study and not get too lost in the footy.

“They’ve been on this journey with me from a young age, taking me to sports training on the weekends, so they have also had to put in as much as I have.”

Growing up, Rebecca played anything and everything she could, from soccer to cricket to soft ball to rugby. But AFL is one that always stood out.

“I just had a love for the game,” she says.

“You need every skill to play AFL. You need to run and tackle and kick and mark. I love it because you can always improve and work on your skills.

It’s also such a unique Australian game and had a very special place in our hearts.”

For Beeson, there have been some hurdles along the way. She says that being mentally prepared for all of the hours that the AFLW league entails is the most challenging thing.

“It’s a lot of work to be an athlete not only at the club but it’s a 24-hour job.

“You have to prepare yourself to get the right sleep, eat the right food and sometimes you have to make sacrifices I’ve had to not go to certain social events because I knew I wouldn’t be in the right condition to play well the next day,” she says.

Ultimately, Beeson draws her inspiration from that feeling of walking off the field knowing that she has given it her all, prepared and trained the hardest she could, and played a really good game.

She also wants to encourage other young girls to just keep pushing on with their AFL dreams.

“I feel like many girls give up sports because of social reasons and the stigma that surrounds females in sports.

“But I feel like if you really want to play AFL, you should do it for yourself and not worry about anyone else. Because in the end, it will make you happy!”

To watch Rebecca and the rest of the GIANTS live, the team will play their first home game in the inaugural NAB AFL Women’s competition against Fremantle at Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney on Saturday, February 18.

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