Andrew Pyman: Driving the Falcons forward

Andrew Pyman is AFL NSW/ACT’s NAB AFL Auskick Volunteer of the Year for 2021.

The father of three has been at the Fairfield Falcons JAFC since its 2018 inception as its Auskick coordinator. He loves every minute of his time at Auskick with his kids and encouraging others to come along too.

“The interaction you can have with your kids at Auskick is brilliant,” he said. “You don’t have to know anything about the sport and just coming down and getting off the sideline and into the game is just fantastic. Parents really love it. It’s just a fantastic way to spend your time.”

Pyman is a huge football fan, and is proud to play a part in its development in Fairfield, what he calls football’s last frontier. He grew up in Victoria and when he moved to Sydney as an adult played for the Blacktown Magic (now Western Magic).

“I have a love for the game and a passion to see my kids engage in a sport that’s looked over, traditionally, in the western suburbs of Sydney. And that’s exciting, seeing kids give a new game a crack.”

The Fairfield Falcons JAFC is steadily growing, although its challenges are well documented. Football is not ingrained in the culture of south west Sydney, and it’s taking the enthusiasm and passion of people like Andrew Pyman to make it the first choice sport for more.

His two-year-old daughter is a prime example of how youngsters can be brought up with the code, even in western Sydney. “She calls the game ball kick and loves to give it a crack, too,” Pyman said.

Thanks for your sustained effort at Fairfield Falcons’ Auskick program, Andrew, and congratulations on your Volunteer of the Year award in 2021.