AFLX marks the spot for free footy fun in February

When AFLX was launched in 2018, it required each of the 18 AFL teams to field a seven-player side to contest region-based round robins over three February nights in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Its second series had a different complexion, with all-star exhibition games on a single evening in Melbourne. Four teams battled it out for an X-shaped trophy and $30,000 for their nominated charity. Teams named Bolts, Deadly, Rampage and Flyers did their best to compete and entertain, with the Jack Riewoldt’s Rampage taking the win. What a night.

The concept had tongues wagging, with many fans and clubs considering it an unnecessary invention. A common idea was: “why do we need to make AFL more exciting? It’s already the most entertaining game on the planet.”

The naysayers’ wishes were granted. Due to an expanding AFLW competition gaining fans and momentum during summer every year, AFLX was discontinued from the elite game, with the AFL deciding not to take it into the 2020s.

The elite AFLX will forever live in the memories of football fans and players, but thanks to AFL NSW/ACT, for the past few years AFLX has been gifted a new lease on life.


AFLX in 2022 – fun footy for juniors

Three years on since its final professional series, social media followers of AFL NSW/ACT described AFLX in the following terms: Painful. Exciting. Fun. Supergoal. Boring. Experiment. Quirky. Different. Deadly. Torps. Oh no.

This dichotomy of opinion summarises people’s different experiences with the condensed format. There are those who view it through the lens of elite AFL players. And there are those who play or have kids who play in its current juniors format.

AFLX is one of the best sports for juniors. It requires everything of a player – athleticism, skill, game sense, bravery and teamwork – and is over in under an hour on a weeknight.

The format is for anyone, regardless of previous experience. It sharpens skills, develops a love of the game and grows friendships.


Free AFLX series in February 2022

In NSW and the ACT, AFLX is offered to boys and girls from U14 and younger across various locations. It is played on weeknights and does not require players to have any past football experience.

Anyone can get involved with their mates, all they have to do is register and turn up to play. The uniforms will be there, the fixtures sorted and the results impermanent. Each session sees teams play matches with 3×10-minute thirds, meaning there is plenty of action for players and spectators.

And best of all, AFLX is free for participants for this summer season (beginning February).

Watch the video below to have a look at AFLX in action and visit for the rules, locations and registration details.