U18 Women’s Champs & NEAFL teams

NSW/ACT Youth Girls – NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships

The NSW/ACT Youth Girls side will contest Round One of the NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships this weekend. They will face up for two matches, the first tonight at Blacktown International Sportspark at 6:30pm.

The tournament will feature some of the best Youth Girls AFL players in the country, with a particularly strong NSW/ACT side.

Alyce ParkerHaneen Zrieka, and Jordan Jolliffe are the ones to look out for in the NSW/ACT side.



Game 1

NSW/ACT vs. Queensland

Date: Friday, 19 May 2017

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Blacktown International Sportspark

Entry: Free

LIVE stream: If you can’t make the match live, watch it here

Game 2

NSW/ACT vs. Western Australia

Date: Saturday, 20 May 2017

Time: 2:30pm

Venue: Blacktown International Sportspark

Entry: Free

LIVE stream: If you can’t make the match live, watch it here




Round 8 of the NEAFL kicks off tonight with a top of the table clash at Henson Park.

Sydney University take on the Sydney Swans under lights in Marrickville, in a game that will see the winner take top spot.

To make the contest even more interesting, ex-Swan Xavier Richards will face his teammates for the first time since requesting a trade after last year’s AFL Grand Final. The forward has been in fine form for the Students, including a 13-goal haul for the Sydney University AFL Sydney Premier Division side earlier in the season.

Joining Richards will be another former Swan, Jack Hiscox, who will look to get one back over his old side.

In the other games involving AFL NSW/ACT based teams, Canberra will fly to Queensland to take on Redland on Saturday afternoon. With Canberra sitting in 7th on the NEAFL ladder, it is a good chance to push their finals hopes as they take on a team with only one win so far.

The GWS GIANTS also face the Brisbane Lions on Saturday afternoon, in an important clash at Spotless Stadium. The GIANTS are currently sitting in 8th position and will be looking to kick-start their season with a win over a strong Lions outfit. The game will be a curtain raiser to the AFL game between the GWS GIANTS and the Richmond Tigers.



Sydney University vs. Sydney Swans

Date: Friday, 19 May 2017

Time: 7pm

Venue: Henson Park, Marrickville

Entry: FREE

Watch: Streamed live on NEAFL TV

Live Stats: Champion Data stats available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 33. Nathan Cooper 38. Darcy Baron-Hay 35. Ryan Hebron

HB: 24. Tim Barton 12. Aaron Day 26. Will Sierakowski

C:  3.Tom Ayton 5. Zac O’Brien 1. Jack Hiscox

HF: 8. Damien Bonney 7. Tim Barrett 29. Will Taylor

F: 9. Jacob Derickx 2. Xavier Richards 30. Callum McFadden

Foll: 22. Sam Tagliabue 21. Lewis Stevenson 15. Tom Young

Inter:  34. Ned Reinhard 45. Jonathan Williams 13. Jordan Law 17. Jackson Potter 46. James Loneragan*

Emer:  40. Matthew Wilson 11. Nick Foster 23. Kane Murphy

In: 13. Jordan Law

Out: 18. Jack Dimery


FB: 31.Harry Marsh 21. Jack Maibaum 36. Aliir Aliir

HB:30. Tyrone Leonardis 32. Michael Talia 38. Colin O’Riordan

C:54. Luke Skrivanic 27. Daniel Robinson 11. Jeremy Laidler

HF: 1. James Rose 60. Liam Maze 45. Sam Fisher

FF: 50. Sam Wicks** 47. Toby Pink 33. Brandon Jack

Foll: 17. Darcy Cameron, 42. Robbie Fox, 6. Jordan Foote

Inter: 13. Oliver Florent 19. Shaun Edwards 50. Jake Brown**58. Hamish McDonald**

Emer: 51. Jared Osborne 52. Harry Carr

Ins: 13. Oliver Florent 19. Shaun Edwards 31, Harry Marsh 50. Jake Brown 58. Hamish McDonald 60. Liam Maze

Outs: 8. Kurt Tippett 16. Gary Rohan 34. Jordan Dawson 46. Sam Murray

Redland Bombers vs. Canberra Demons

Date: Saturday, 20 May 2017

Time: 12pm

Venue: Tibold Park, Victoria Point

Entry: FREE

Watch: Not streaming live

Live Stats: Champion Data stats available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 14. Donald Roberts 29. Ben Halse 12. Luke McKay

HB: 5. Nick Collins 36. Lucas Meline 6. Kade Klemke

C: 27. Lachlan Maples 3. Andrew Swan 25. Sam Martyn

HF: 4. Aaron Bruce 11. Jacob Turner 23. Ben Fulford

F: 9. Nick Pleming 2. Josh Bennett 10. Reed Stevens*

Foll: 42. Cameron Milne 17. Jordan Harper 1. Isaac Taylor

Inter: 22. Billy Muir 8. Mitch Maguire 16. Mitch Hardie 13. Tom Faul 24. Alex Smout

Emer: 21. Matt Vardanega

Ins: 24. Alex Smout 14. Donald Roberts

Outs: 35. Tom Highmore 15. Jack Baker

GWS GIANTS vs. Brisbane Lions

Date: Saturday, 20 May 2017

Time: 12.55pm

Venue: Spotless Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park

Entry: With your ticket to the GWS GIANTS vs. Richmond match

Watch: Not streaming live

Live Stats: Champion Data stats available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 42. Jake Stein 27. Harry Himmelberg 53. James Peatling

HB: 39. Tim Mohr 40. Thy Evans 54. Riley Budd

C: 28. Zach Sproule 51. Nick Shipley 46. Dylan Addison

HF: 33. Lachlan Tiziani 30. Matt Flynn 55. Kieran Briggs

F: 25. Brenden Myers 47. Nathan Richards 49. Rhys Pollock

Foll: 26. Dawson Simpson 13. Isaac Cumming 24. Matt de Boer

Inter: 52. Ben McGinness 15. Matt Kennedy 45. Shaun Driscoll 48. Riley Corbett

Emer: Lachlan Tanner 54. Luke Cuthbert Matthew Walker

Ins: 25. Brendan Myers 45. Shaun Driscoll 27. Harry Himmelberg 39. Tim Mohr 48.Riley Corbett
Outs: 45. Matt Vardanega 51. Jacob Conlan 40. Jack Powell 36. Harry Perryman 31. Jeremy Finlayson