Tyrepower NEAFL Umpiring Academy launches in NSW/ACT

The best up and coming senior community football umpires from across NSW and the ACT have been announced as a part of the inaugural Tyrepower NEAFL Umpiring Academy.

The Academy consists of field, boundary and goal umpires who are currently establishing themselves in their respective senior leagues, who possess the potential to one day umpire in the NEAFL.

50 umpires are part of the 2017 program, with the state split into two regional hubs.

The Northern Hub squad consists of AFL Sydney, AFL South Coast and the Black Diamond AFL officials while the Southern Hub squad caters for AFL Canberra and AFL Riverina.

Both hubs work together to deliver a consistent coaching program, including monthly interactions with the NEAFL Umpires in both Sydney and Canberra and specialist field, boundary and goal umpire coaching sessions.

State Umpiring and Elite Programs Manager, Damian Anderson said the introduction of the Academy will ensure that field, boundary and goal umpires across the state have the opportunity to access quality coaching to help them achieve accession to the NEAFL.

“Whether you are from Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle or Wagga Wagga – there is now a pathway for you to become a state league umpire.” Anderson said.

The Academy is the second step of the field umpire pathway after the highly successful Next Gen program and is the entry point for boundary and goal umpires.

“By having a consistent approach to the development of field, boundary and goal umpires at senior footy level – we place our future talent in in the best possible position to get to the top.”

“We are very excited by the potential of the program and we look forward to seeing the current squad graduate to the NEAFL Development Squad in the coming years.” Anderson concluded.

Both the North and South elements of the program are now in full swing, with the Northern Hub Induction Day taking place on Saturday 4 March at Blacktown International Sports Park, at the Southern Hub getting underway on Saturday 11 March in Canberra.


The members of the 2017 NEAFL Academy are:


Field Boundary Goal
Thomas Alley (AFL Canberra) Jenny Button (AFL Sydney) Ellis Blandford (AFL Sydney)
James Baber (AFL Sydney) David Charlton (AFL Sydney) Catriona Briody (AFL Canberra)
Fraser Bailey (AFL Sydney) Simon Gladman (AFL Canberra) Tim Cook (AFL Sydney)
Stephen Blume (BDAFL) Harrison Hansford (AFL Sydney) Taylah Cooke (AFL Sydney)
John Bernardi (AFL Canberra) Monty Inglis (AFL Riverina) Ryan Feuerherdt (AFL Canberra)
Chris Brackenrig (AFL Sydney) Daniel Jacob (AFL Canberra) Rebecca Gonchee (AFL Sydney)
Matt Clark (AFL South Coast) Nicholas Klinberg (AFL Sydney) Lauren Hodgson (AFL Canberra)
David Coburn (AFL Sydney) Lincoln McCauley (BDAFL) Morgan Lee (AFL Sydney)
David Coppel (AFL Canberra) Peter Ngudu (AFL Riverina) Karl Lijnders (AFL Canberra)
Amber Foster (AFL Sydney) Brayden Rowley (AFL Riverina) Jerome Murillo (AFL Canberra)
Adam Fryer (AFL Canberra) Liam Wilson  (AFL Canberra) Emma Webb-Wagg (AFL Canberra)
Sam Hurford (AFL Canberra)
Jordan Lee (AFL Sydney)
Nathan Lomas (AFL South Coast)
Kieran McCormack (AFL Canberra)
Brett Lynch (AFL Canberra)
Ben Mitchell (AFL Sydney)
Jack O’Halloran (AFL Riverina)
Aaron Parker (AFL Sydney)
David Parsons (BDAFL)
Chris Scammell (AFL Sydney)
Nathan Slater (AFL Canberra)
Tom Smith (AFL Sydney)
Josh Spain (AFL South Coast)
Matthew Staraj (AFL Canberra)
Bradley Stewart (AFL Sydney)
Matthew Tom (AFL Riverina)
Andrew Tuovi (AFL Riverina)
Coaches Coaches Coaches
North – Pierce Field North – Dan Field-Read North – Andrew Scovell
South – James Savage South – Cameron Black South – Dale Puren


If anyone is interested taking up umpiring visit www.getinthegame.com.au