Welcome to the team Sportscast Australia

AFL NSW/ACT is pleased to announce a two-year partnership with Sportscast Australia to provide online sports broadcasting.

This partnership will see at least three major leagues across the region – AFL Sydney, AFL Canberra and AFL South Coast – enjoy numerous games being filmed and streamed throughout the 2019 and 2020 seasons, which can be used for highlights, replays, coaching and tribunal purposes. Sportscast will provide all participating clubs with cloud access to post-match vision, including the ability to make coaching edits.

Importantly, fans will enjoy weekly highlights packages of AFL Sydney Premier Division (Men’s and Women’s) and AFL Canberra First Grade (Men’s and Women’s) competitions, and live streaming of all Grand Finals.

The deal includes the filming all AFL Sydney Men’s Premier Division matches, two AFL Sydney Women’s Premier Division matches per week, plus all finals, and every AFL Sydney Grand Final live streamed.

For AFL Canberra, Sportscast will film all Men’s First Grade matches, a Women’s First Grade match every weekend and all finals, as well as live streaming of all Grand Finals across all divisions.

AFL South Coast will also film and live stream its senior Grand Finals for the first time.

AFL NSW/ACT’s State Manager for Football, Policy and Major Projects, Sam Chadwick says he is pleased to welcome Sportscast Australia to the AFL NSW/ACT team.

“AFL NSW/ACT is thrilled to partner with Sportscast, a leading and innovative online sports broadcaster to provide quality content and service to clubs, coaches, players, umpires and supporters. AFL Sydney, AFL Canberra and AFL South Coast will exclusively utilise Sportscast to film, broadcast and provide highlights of its matches for the next two seasons,” said Chadwick.

“AFL NSW/ ACT is committed to providing timely and engaging digital content for its customers and is confident that Sportscast is best placed to deliver on that promise.”

Sportscast Managing Director, Andrew McLeish says he is excited about the new partnership.

“Sportscast Australia are excited about partnering with AFL NSW/ACT to roll out the Sportscast Game Analysis Platform (GAP), which combines the power of video with cloud based technology to deliver elite resources to clubs at the grassroots level,” said McLeish.

“The platform will deliver engaging video content for the leagues and sponsors along with valuable video analysis tools to help coaches and players improve their performance.”

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