Open Female Academies in action tomorrow

Sydney will host five of the AFL NSW/ACT Open Female Academies tomorrow as they square off at Blacktown International Sportspark.

AFL NSW/ACT Female High Performance Coach and GWS GIANTS AFL Women’s Head Coach, Tim Schmidt says the matches will act as a female academies litmus test.

“With the AFL Women’s competition starting up, the state games – exhibition matches as they were last year – have stopped,” explains Schmidt.

“This is a great way to see how our Open Female Academy members are going.

“There will be GIANTS coaching staff watching the games, so it will be a great way to get noticed before the 2018 AFLW season.”

The Sydney East, Blacktown, Newcastle, Albury, and Canberra Academies will play in combined teams under AFLW rules of 15-minute quarters, with 16 players on the field per side.

GWS GIANTS AFLW players will be in action with Britt Tully, Ella Ross, and Hannah Wallett taking the field on behalf of the Canberra Academy, while Ellie Brush will be playing in the Sydney East Academy team.



Date: Sunday, 30 April 2017

Match One time: 12.00pm – Team One vs. Team Two

Match Two time: 1:30pm – Team Three vs. Team Four

Venue: Blacktown International Sportspark

Entry: FREE




Roxy McGee (Sydney East)

Ali Wood (Sydney East)

Annie Boyle (Sydney East)

Jasmine Smith (Sydney East)

Karen Ramirez (Sydney East)

Ingrid Nielsen (Sydney East)

Tia Bool (Sydney East)

Jennifer Lew (Sydney East)

Nadia Moore (Sydney East)

Mikaela Bate (Sydney East)

Ellie Brush (Sydney East)

Pippy Clegg (Sydney East)

Kristy Sutcliffe (Sydney East)

Sera Kaukiono (Sydney East)

Lara Creber (Sydney East)

Laura Holdsworth (Sydney East)

Holly Graham (Sydney East)

Zara Lee (Sydney East)

Zoe Devlin (Sydney East)



Kimberley Chan (Blacktown)

Nicola Kennedy (Blacktown)

Laura Russell (Blacktown)

Melissa Freckelton (Blacktown)

Taylah Frendo (Blacktown)

Sian Furniss (Blacktown)

Phoebe Monohan (Blacktown)

Christine Kirby (Blacktown)

Melissa Vuong (Blacktown)

Sandra Janjetovic (Blacktown)

Lauren Bunting (Blacktown)

Britt Tully (Canberra)

Madelyne Czubara (Canberra)

Michaela Perceval (Canberra)

Rohana Prince (Canberra)

Lani Watson (Canberra)

Hannah Dunn (Canberra)

Melissa Johnson (Canberra)

Karina Demant (Canberra)


Meaghan McDonald (Newcastle)

Alexandra Pearce (Newcastle)

Lauren Cooper (Newcastle)

Karina Berry (Newcastle)

Taylah Smith (Newcastle)

Alison Parkin (Newcastle)

Kailee Goodwin (Newcastle)

Amy Hesselll (Newcastle)

Tarryn O’Hehir (Newcastle)

Rebekah Stuart (Newcastle)

Alexandra Tialshinsky (Newcastle)

Jessica Phillips (Newcastle)

Sophie Balcombe (Newcastle)

Lisa Steane (Newcastle)

Pippa Smyth (Newcastle)

Sarah Burns (Newcastle)

Sarah Halvorsen (Newcastle)

Megan Godfrey (Canberra)

Caitlin Bunker (Canberra)



Jodi Hicks (Canberra)

Ella Ross (Canberra)

Hannah Wallett (Canberra)

Melissa Pellow (Canberra)

Amber Allen (Canberra)

Emma Hampton (Canberra)

Sarah Tutt (Canberra)

Teigan Hawke (Canberra)

Maddie Shevlin (Canberra)

Elisa Pevere (Canberra)

Zoe Skyrianos (Canberra)

Kaitlin Dobing (Canberra)

Carly Res (Canberra)

Kate Reid (Canberra)

Sally Lynch (Albury)

Bec Guglielmino (Albury)

Gab Goldsworthy (Albury)

Amber Jarrott (Albury)

Claudia Baily (Albury)