NSW/ACT Rams U18 Division 2 National Champions

The U18 NSW/ACT Rams have won the Division 2 National Championships. The team won convincingly, winning every match of the Division 2 Nationals.

The Rams finished the National Championships in Round 3 with a spectacular 120-point win over the Northern Territory on Sunday.

Harry Perryman from Wagga Wagga was awarded the Best Player for NSW/ACT.

Final score: NSW/ACT 23.20 (158) defeated Northern Territory 5.9 (39)

Goals: Zachary Sproule 4, Ben Davis 4, Max Lynch 3, Kobe Mutch 3, Mitchell Maguire 2, Jack Powell 2, Todd Marshall, Sam Fisher, Fletcher Carroll, Jake Brown, Connor Byrne.

Best: William Setterfield, Fletcher Carroll, Harry Perryman, Ben Davis, Mitchell Maguire, Connor Byrne.


Round 1 Scores: NSW/ACT 21.11 (137) defeated Tasmania 5.6 (36)

Goals: Ben Davis 5, Mitchell Maguire 4, Sam Fisher 3, Todd Marshall 2, Jake Brown 2, Harry Perryman, Kobe Mutch, Tom Highmore, Zach Sproule, Charlie Bance

Best players: Mitchell Maguire, Harry Perryman, Charlie Bance, Zachary Sproule, Jack Powell, Connor Byrne

Round 2 Scores: NSW/ACT 18.6 (114) defeated Queensland 9.13 (67)

Goals: Todd Marshall 4, Charlie Spargo 3, Ben Davis 2, Connor Byrne 2, Zachary Sproule 2, Mitch Maguire 2, Max Lynch, Dam Fisher, Harry Perryman.

Best players: Max Lynch, Kobe Mutch, Angus Baker, Hamish MacDonald, Fletcher Carroll, Harry Perryman.