TEAM TALK: NEAFL R21 – Swans poised for top spot

Image courtesy of NEAFL media.


The final round of the NEAFL home-and-away season sees four matches involving New South Wales and ACT teams. With all sides involved this weekend, every match has important consequences going into the finals campaign.

The Canberra Demons travel north to face the Southport Sharks with finals still a mathematical possibility. They sit four points outside the top six, and with an inferior percentage will need a big win and a big Aspley loss to make the cut.

They have made several changes for the match. Max Richardson, Billy Muir and Tom Faul have all been named to make their return. They are three of six changes to the Demons’ side, which also see Kade Klemke, Reed Stevens and Rhys Pollock drop out of the side.

The Sydney Swans also travel to Queensland on Saturday afternoon to take on the Gold Coast Suns at Metricon Stadium. The Suns upset the Brisbane Lions last weekend and will want to take another big scalp heading into the finals.

With a win, the Swans will guarantee the minor premiership and they have named a strong side to do so, as they look to build some form before the finals.

They welcome back Jordan Foote, Sam Murray and Colin O’Riordan who have all played crucial roles in the Swans side this season. Nic Newman has also been named on the interchange, being managed after a small injury in the Sydney Swans’ big win over the Fremantle Dockers last weekend.

Sam Wicks and Harry Carr are two of the four players going out of the side.

Sydney University travel to Tidbold Park to take on the Redland Bombers on Saturday. The Students had a good win over the Demons last start, and with a third place finish the worst they can do, they have made a number of changes heading into the finals.

Darcy Baron-Hay and Jacob Derickx have been ruled out through injury, while Aaron Day, Tim Barton, Sam Tagliabue and Will Sierakowski have all been rested.

Coming into the side, they welcome Lewis Stevenson, Nathan Cooper and Alistair Gillespie who will be playing for their place ahead of the finals. Former Sydney Swan, Tom Derickx, has been named in the Ruck and will give the Students some more AFL-listed experience.

The final game sees the GWS GIANTS host the Brisbane Lions at Spotless Stadium. After a disappointing season, the GIANTS will be hoping to put in one last big performance against a strong Lions outfit.

They welcome back several players with AFL experience for the clash, including Will Setterfield, Harry Himmelberg and Tim Taranto who returns from injury. They have made ten changes in total and will be hoping the likes of Dawson Simpson and Tendai Mzungu will continue their good NEAFL form and lead them to victory.




Date: Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time: 12pm

Venue: Fankhauser Reserve

Entry: Free

Watch: Not Streaming Live

Live Stats: Unavailable


B: 21. Matt Vardanega 29. Ben Halse 13. Tom Faul

HB: 19. Max Richardson 60. Rohan McLachlan 25. Sam Martyn

C: 36. Lucas Meline 17. Jordan Harper 24. Alex Smout

HF: 12. Luke McKay 11. Jacob Turner 16. Mitch Hardie

F: 8. Mitch Maguire 4. Aaron Bruce 37. Maxwell Beaumont

Foll: 42. Cameron Milne 3. Andrew Swan 1. Isaac Taylor

Inter: 33. Lachlan Harper 27. Lachlan Maples 5. Nick Collins 22. Billy Muir 41. Daniel Cerni

Emer: 6. Kade Klemke 10. Reed Stevens

In: 19. Max Richardson 22. Billy Muir 41. Daniel Cerni 13. Tom Faul 27. Lachlan Maples 37. Maxwell Beaumont

Out: 6. Kade Klemke (omitted) 35. Tom Highmore (Giants) 10. Reed Stevens (omitted) 46. Jack Powell (Giants) 23. Ben Fulford (omitted) 40. Rhys Pollock (omitted)


Date: Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time: 12pm

VenueMetricon Stadium 

Entry: With ticket to Gold Coast Suns AFL Match

Watch: Not Streaming Live

Live StatsChampion Data stats available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 46. Sam Murray 21. Jack Maibaum 2. Alex Johnson

HB: 50. Jake Brown 11. Jeremy Laidler 13. Oliver Florent

C: 38. Colin O’Riordan 7. Harry Cunningham 33. Brandon Jack

HF: 30. Tyrone Leonardis 19. Shaun Edwards 45. Sam Fisher

F: 1. James Rose 47. Toby Pink 27. Daniel Robinson

Foll: 32. Michael Talia, 25. Ben Ronke, 31. Harrison Marsh

Inter: 6. Jordan Foote 28. Nic Newman 36. Aliir Aliir 34. Jordan Dawson

Emer: 54. Jared Deep 52. Harrison Carr 55. Jarrod Osborne

In: 6. Jordan Foote 46. Sam Murray 38. Colin O’Riordan 28. Nic Newman

Out: 55. Jarrod Osborne 49. Jack Hardman 48. Sam Wicks 52. Harry Carr (all omitted)



Date: Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time: 12pm

VenueTidbold Park 

Entry: Free Entry

Watch: Not Streaming Live

Live StatsChampion Data stats available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 2. Xavier Richards 33. Nathan Cooper 35. Ryan Hebron

HB: 10. Mitch Thompson 37. Mitch Mahady 46. James Loneragan

C: 3. Tom Ayton 43. Jonathan Williams 21. Lewis Stevenson

HF: 42. James Brain 4. Austin Lucy 40. Matt Wilson*

F: 28. Michael Manteit 16. Alistair Gillespie 17. Jackson Potter

Foll: 45. Tom Derickx 5. Zac O’Brien 15. Tom Young

Inter: 8. Damien Bonney 18. Jack Dimery 23. Kane Murphy 1. Jack Hiscox 31. Lachlan Kilpatrick

Emer: 34. Ned Reinhard

In: 21. Lewis Stevenson 33. Nathan Cooper 43. Jonathan Williams 45. Tom Derickx 16. Alistair Gillespie 37. Mitch Mahady

Out: 38. Darcy Baron-Hay (injured) 9. Jacob Derickx (injured) 12. Aaron Day (rested) 24. Tim Barton (rested) 22. Sam Tagliabue (rested) 26. Will Sierakowski (rested)


Date: Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time: 12.55pm

VenueSpotless Stadium

Entry: With ticket to GWS GIANTS AFL match

Watch: Streaming live on NEAFL TV

Live StatsChampion Data stats available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 48. Brendan Myers 39. Tim Mohr 47. Tom Highmore

HB: 31. Jeremy Finlayson 42. Jake Stein 51. Nick Shipley

C: 13. Isaac Cumming 14. Tim Taranto 49. Jack Powell

HF: 38. Daniel Lloyd 45. Lachlan Tanner 33. Lachlan Tiziani

F: 11. Will Setterfield 26. Dawson Simpson 50. Sam Reid

Foll: 30. Matt Flynn 28. Zach Sproule 25. Tendai Mzungu

Inter: 27. Harry Himmelberg 36. Harry Perryman 15. Matt Kennedy 55. Kieren Briggs 52. Jeromy Lucas

Emer: 54. Riley Budd Jake Gaynor

In: 36. Harry Perryman 15. Matt Kennedy 50. Sam Reid 11. Will Setterfield 14. Tim Taranto 48. Brendan Myers 47. Tom Highmor 52.  Jeromy Lucas 49. Jack Powell 27. Harry Himmelberg

Out: 45. Shaun Driscoll 40. Tyh Evans 46. Ben McGinness 52. Matthew Walker 47. Jacob Conlan 54. Riley Corbett 49. Rhys Pollock 44. Daniel Cerni 50. Jake Gaynor (all omitted)