NAB LEAGUE + Under 16s: Swans and GIANTS head to Canberra

The Sydney Swans and GIANTS Academies will travel to Canberra this weekend, facing off against each other in Round 3 of the NAB League and Round One of the 2019 NAB AFL Under-16 Academy Series.

With the NAB League match scheduled for 11am at UNSW Canberra Oval, the Swans will go in favourites following their positive start to the season last Saturday.

For the GIANTS, local Canberra players set to feature include the Green brothers, Joshua and Tom. The eldest of the brothers, Tom, will look to keep up the standard he set last week, where he collected 30 disposals including 17 kicks and 13 handballs, as well as a team-high of 8 inside 50s. Canberra’s Matt McGory and Harry Grant will also feature after solid hit outs in Round 2.

The Swans will be looking to improve on their finish after they almost let in Tasmania last week following a fast start.

Naming an extended bench, the Swans will be missing Errol Gulden who will sit out this week, while Hamish Ellem has been named after missing Round 2. Pierce Roseby, who was a part of the Swans’ NEAFL side for their practice match last week, has also been named.

This match will be followed by the first fixture of the 2019 NAB AFL Under-16 Academy Series for both the Sydney Swans and GIANTS Academies. They too, will compete against each other in front of the Canberran crowd at 2pm.




What: NAB League

When: Saturday, April 6 at 11.00am

Where: UNSW Canberra Oval

Live stream + stats: Download the NAB League App 


B: 5. K. Flack, 24. N. Murray, 43. S. Frost

HB: 20. J. Reed, 27. J. Green, 16. C. Steele

C: 1. H.  Grant, 25. T.  Green, 28. M.  McGrory

HF: 14. S. Driscoll, 26. L. Delahunty, 19. R. Mooney

F: 4. C. Edwards, 10. J. Peatling, 2. M. Hamblin

R: 30. J. Gardiner, 17. J. Lucas, 12. L. Squire

Int: 22. L. Conlan, 35. J. Cullen, 6. T. Organ, 23. A. Whyte, 37. D. Beavan

In: J. Gardiner, S. Driscoll

Out: O. Hicks,  J. Moen


B: 22. M. Geddes, 4. R. van Huisstede, 33. K. Martin

HB: 12. N. Brewer, 38. J. Dol, 3. L. Parks

C: 7. B.  Campbell, 10. J.  Barling, 28. N.  Casalini

HF: 15. H. Parker, 39. J. Rayner, 11. A. Watling

F: 27. M. Sheather, 5. H. Maguire, 16. L. Swaney

R: 40. S. Gaden, 37. K. McKellar, 9. S. Thorne

Int: 14. T. Baxter, 6. C. Nash, 17. P. Roseby, 29. T. Tyson, 21. Z. Youlten, 2. H. Ellem

In: H. Ellem, P. Roseby

Out: E. Gulden



GIANTS Academy vs. Sydney Swans Academy

What: 2019 NAB AFL Under-16 Academy Series

When: Saturday, April 6 at 2.00pm

Where: UNSW Canberra Oval

Selected GIANTS side: Click here

Selected Swans side: Click here

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