Local Sport Grant Program Applications Open

The Office of Sport Local Sport Grant Program (LSGP) aims to increase regular and on-going participation opportunities in sport in NSW.  Through this program we are working towards our goals to achieve:

Participation: Everyone in NSW participating in Sport and active recreation throughout their life

Places and Spaces: Everyone in NSW having access to places and spaces for sport and active recreation

Sector Sustainability: The sector continues to grow sport and active recreation across NSW.

The Local Sports Grant funding is available across all electorates in NSW.

There are four project types (and maximum amounts available) within the Program

  1. Sport Development: $2,000
  2. Sport Events: $5,000
  3. Sport Access: $5,000
  4. Sport Facility $15,000

Applicants will be required to identify the type of project for which they are applying as different information is required for each project type. An organisation may apply for more than one project but must register separate projects for different project types.

Program objectives

The overall objectives of the Program are to:

  • – Increase regular and on-going participation in sport
  • – Increase participation and access for women, girls or population groups with low rates of participation
  • – Address barriers to participation in sport or structured physical activity
  • – Assist sport clubs to provide quality service to their members and meet community needs.

Your project must address at least one of these objectives and demonstrate how it aligns to the Office of Sport Strategic Plan


Funding available

Funding available to this program is $4,650,000

$50,000 will be allocated to all 93 electorates throughout NSW

  • – Any remaining funds from under-subscribed electorates will be made available to over-subscribed electorates
  • – Approved funding for projects that are declined, withdrawn or are unable to go ahead will be re-allocated to the next ranked project(s) in the same electorate
  • – Applicants must identify the NSW electorate where their ‘home ground’ is situated as well as the GEO code of the location e.g. your training ground

The minimum requested amount available is $500 for all project types.

The maximum available to any one organisation under this round of the Local Sport Grant Program is $20,000 in a financial year. The amount organisations request should reflect the scale of the project/s.


Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for this grant program, the applicant must be an:

  • – Incorporated, not-for-profit grassroots ‘sport club’ (see the definition in the FAQ) and refer to list of sports at Appendix B in the Guidelines
  • – Applications from Licenced Sporting Clubs may be considered providing the project directly benefits the sport, not the administration processes of the licenced club or upgrades of the licenced premises
  • – Applications may be considered from Sport Clubs associated with a school, church or university providing they are a not for profit club that are incorporated in their own right.


Additional Information

All Clubs are encouraged to read the Local Sport Grant Program Guidelines and FAQs page prepared by the Office of Sport to ensure that they are eligible and have all of the required information ready to submit.


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