Joss State Zone Trials wrap up in Albury

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The final day of the annual AFL NSW/ACT Under 13 and Under 14 Joss State Zone Trials has played out in Albury today.

The carnival welcomed over 400 young players from across the region to take part in a week’s worth of football, with the AFL NSW/ACT Talent coaches assessing the already Academy-aligned players.

Albury Sports Ground and Albury City provided the teenagers with a unique experience of living and breathing Australian Football, twenty-four hours a day.

As a part of the week-long event, players were taken through a number of education sessions hosted by experienced AFL staff and coaches.

The most promising Under 13 and Under 14 players linked to the Sydney Swans and GIANTS Academies were broken into teams for the week’s play, depending on their age group and location.

The Murray, Sydney North, Sydney South, Northern Coast, Riverina, Western Sydney and the ACT and South Coast were all be represented throughout the week.



Under 13s GIANTS Orange vs. Team Naismith

GIANTS Orange – 0.2.2

Team Naismith – 5.5.35

GIANTS Orange Goals – Nil

Team Naismith Goals – Murray 2, Tidemann, Corcoran, Madderom

Under 14s GIANTS Orange vs. Team Jack

GIANTS Orange – 4.3.27

Team Jack – 2.2.14

GIANTS Orange Goals – Schofield 2, McAuliffe, P Rush

Team Jack Goals – Powley, McKenzie

Under 13s Team Heeney vs. Team Mills

Team Heeney – 4.3.27

Team Mills – 2.6.18

Team Heeney Goals – Latter 2, Pengelly, Nicholls

Team Mills Goals – Cookman

Under 14s Team McVeigh vs. Team Rampe

Team McVeigh – 4.2.26

Team Rampe – 3.4.22

Team McVeigh Goals – Middleton, Dixon, Endemann, Miller

Team Rampe Goals – Davis, Zanis, Grace

Under 13s GIANTS Grey vs. GIANTS White

GIANTS Grey – 7.4.46

GIANTS White – 2.1.13

GIANTS Grey Goals – Bartter 2, Cudmore, Lawrence, Wallett, Harrington, Surrey

GIANTS White Goals – Bradley, Henderson-Burch

Under 14s GIANTS Grey vs. GIANTS White

GIANTS Grey –  3.3.21

GIANTS White – 2.5.17

GIANTS Grey Goals – Grey-Crawford 2, Williams

GIANTS White – Lyon, Fahey


Under 13s GIANTS White vs. Team Mills

GIANTS White – 6.3.39

Team Mills – 2.3.15

GIANTS White Goals – Felix Henderson-Burch 2, Joshua Porter, James Andric, Angus Chiswell, Daniel Hoffman

Team Mills Goals – William Wills, Jude-Kingsley Duckmanton

Under 14s GIANTS White vs. Team Rampe

GIANTS White – 9.3.57

Team Rampe – 1.4.10

GIANTS White Goals – Joshua Fahey 5, Jordan Gilbert, James Phillips, Mackinley Miller, Patrick Aves

Team Rampe Goals – Callum Archibald

Under 13s Team Naismith vs. Team Heeney

Team Naismith – 4.5.29

Team Heeney – 2.1.13

Team Naismith Goals – Charlie Michell 2, Jake Protogeros, Orlando Smith

Team Heeney Goals – Cooper Wright, Nicholas Malakellis

Under 14s Team Jack vs. Team McVeigh

Team McVeigh – 7.3.45

Team Jack – 1.3.9

Team McVeigh Goals – Max Heinickie 2, Harrison Parker, Roberick Dixon, Breyton Montgomery-Smith, Benjamin Armstrong, Michael Weathers

Team Jack Goals – Lincoln Powley

Under 13s GIANTS Orange vs. GIANTS Grey

GIANTS Grey – 10.5.65

GIANTS Orange – 0.0.0

GIANTS Grey – Hunter Galvin 3, Miles Henmann-Peterson 2, Thomas Bourne 2, Jamie Mooney, Michael Cudmore, Joe Morton

Under 14s GIANTS Orange vs. GIANTS Grey

GIANTS Grey – 5.5.35

GIANTS Orange – 1.1.6

GIANTS Grey – Mason Hamilton 2, Sam Stening, Tristian Wheeler, Angus Crelley

GIANTS Orange – Oliver Kozak

Under 13s Team Mills vs. Team Naismith

Team Naismith – 4.6.30

Team Mills – 4.2.26

Team Naismith Goals – Connor Murray 2, james Tidemann, William Sabolch

Team Mills Goals – Christian Webster 2, Matthew Griffin, Brodie Hendrie

Under 14s Team Jack vs. Team Rampe

Team Jack – 6.1.37

Team Rampe – 3.3.21

Team Jack Goals – Felix Rogers 3, Harrison Clarke, Patrick Browne, Brock Dailey

Team Rampe Goals –  Alexander Kourakis, Toby Alker, Eddie Marning

Under 13s GIANTS Orange vs. GIANTS White

GIANTS White – 3.6.24

GIANTS Orange – 1.1.7

GIANTS White Goals – James White 2, Joshua Porter

GIANTS Orange Goals – Jirah Liddiard

Under 14s GIANTS Orange vs. GIANTS White

GIANTS White – 8.3.51

GIANTS Orange – 1.1.7

GIANTS White Goals – Zander Griffin 3, James Phillips, Mackinley Miller, Joseph Carroll, Samuel Roberts

GIANTS Orange Goals – Patrick Rush

Under 13s GIANTS Grey vs. Team Heeney

GIANTS Grey – 5.2.52

Team Heeney – 1.2.8

GIANTS Grey Goals – Luke Lawrence 4, Michael Cudmore

Team Heeney Goals – Ethan Edwards

Under 14s GIANTS Grey vs. Team McVeigh

GIANTS Grey – 5.5.35

Team McVeigh – 1.2.8

GIANTS Grey Goals – Jacob Collingridge 3, Rhys Leary, Izaac Schollick

Team McVeigh Goals – Michael Weathers


Under 13s GIANTS Grey vs. Team Naismith

GIANTS Grey – 12.7.79

Team Naismith – 0.0.0

GIANTS Grey Goals – Will McDermont 3, Taj Doyle 3, Baxter Wallett 3, Harrison Steele 2, Sam Harrington

Team Naismith Goals – nil

Under 14s GIANTS Grey vs. Team Jack

Team Jack – 5.1.31

GIANTS Grey – 4.4.28

Team Jack Goals – Matthew McKenzie 4, Thomas Longmire

GIANTS Grey Goals – Izaac Schollick, Jake Nicholson, Sam Emery, Lachlan Crawford

Under 13s GIANTS White vs. Team Heeney

GIANTS White – 2.7.19

Team Heeney – 2.0.12

GIANTS White Goals – Cameron Moore, Flynn Woodward

Team Heeney Goals – Jordan Taylor, William Hopkins

Under 14s GIANTS White vs. Team McVeigh

GIANTS White – 5.3.33

Team McVeigh – 0.4.4

GIANTS White Goals – Leigh McKay 2, Max Adamson 2, Ethan Gration

Team McVeigh Goals – nil

Under 13s GIANTS Orange vs. Team Mills

Team Mills – 4.3.27

GIANTS Orange – 0.0.0

Team Mills Goals – Paddy Mulvey, Noah Cookman, Oliver Garrett, Colm Culligan

GIANTS Orange Goals – nil

Under 14s Team Rampe vs. GIANTS Grey

GIANTS Grey – 8.4.52

Team Rampe – 3.1.19

GIANTS Grey Goals – Thomas Sase 3, Angus Crelley, Jock Triggs, Jake Nicholson, Rhys Leary, Owen Smith

Team Rampe Goals – Matthew Riley, Angelos Zanis, Kyle Davis

Under 14s GIANTS Orange vs.Team Rampe

GIANTS Orange – 2.1.13

Team Rampe – 2.0.12

GIANTS Orange Goals – Charlie Kemp

Team Rampe Goals – Toby Alker, Jasper Crouch

Under 13s GIANTS White vs. Team Naismith

GIANTS White – 3.4.22

Team Naismith – 1.4.10

GIANTS White Goals – Felix Henderson-Burch 2, Nicholas Honeyman

Team Naismith Goals – Denver Ross

Under 14s GIANTS White vs. Team McVeigh

GIANTS White – 2.5.17

Team McVeigh – 2.3.15

GIANTS White Goals – Ryan Murhphy 2

Team McVeigh Goals – Willem Smit 2

Under 13s Team Heeney vs. GIANTS Orange

Team Heeney – 6.5.41

GIANTS Orange – 1.0.6

Team Heeney Goals – Omar Matar, Jamie Cox, Jordan Taylor, Spencer McIntosh, Jake Hansen, Thomas Unger

GIANTS Orange Goals – Spencer McIntosh

Under 14s Team McVeigh vs. GIANTS Orange

Team McVeigh – 5.5.35

GIANTS Orange – 3.2.20

Team McVeigh Goals – Fergus Flanagan 2, Michael Weathers, Gus Miller, Harrison Parker

GIANT Orange Goals – Isaac Miloloza 2, Thomas Vella

Under 13s Team Mills vs. GIANTS Grey

GIANTS Grey – 10.7.67

Team Mills – 1.0.6

GIANTS Grey Goals – Oliver Bartter 4, Noah Graham 2, Hunter Galvin, Angus Curry, Sam Harrington, Mile Henmann-Peterson

Team Mills Goals – Mitchell Kunigiskis