2018 Joss State Zone Trials: Day Two results

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The 2018 Joss State Zone Trials continued in Albury today with with the best Under-13 and Under-14 Sydney Swans and GIANTS Academy members putting their talents on show in front of AFL NSW/ACT talent staff.

Day Two Results

Giants White 3.4.22 vs. Team Parker 2.2.14
Goals Giants: Paton, Baldwin, Jones
Goals Parker: Donald, Trevaskis

Giants White 2.3.15 vs. Team Kennedy 3.1.19
Goals Giants: Priest 2
Goals Kennedy: Stephens, Edwards, Newman

Team Rampe 4.11.35 vs. Team Heeney 0.0.0
Goals Rampe: Palmqvist 2, Burns, Lugsdin

Team Franklin 2.8.20 vs. Team McVeigh 3.1.19
Goals Franklin: Cousens, Culligan
Goals McVeigh: Scroop, West, Murdoch.

Giants Orange 2.6.18 vs. Giants Grey 6.1.37
Goals Orange: Lanyon, Roberts
Goals Grey: Davies 2, Daniel, Rynehart, Irvin, Gothard

Giants Orange 2.1.13 vs. Giants Grey 4.4.28
Goals Orange: Kelly, Johnson
Goals Grey: Doyle, Surrey, McDermott, Bradshaw

Team Parker 0.0.0 vs. Team Rampe 6.4.40
Goals Rampe: Chesire 3, James 2, Lugsdin

Team Kennedy 5.5.35 vs. Team Franklin 2.3.15
Goals Kennedy: Kunigiskis 3, Madderom, Pengelly
Goals Franklin: Culligan, Garrett

Giants Orange 0.1.1 vs. Giants White 3.3.21
Goals White: Dunn, Froggart, Moresi

Giants Orange 1.3.9 vs. Giants White 2.3.15
Goals Orange: Rule
Goals White: Heins, Woodward

Team Heeney 0.0.0 vs. Giants Grey 6.6.42
Goals Giants: Glanvill 2, McCormack 2, Forner, Semple

Team McVeigh 0.0.0 vs. Giants Grey 6.3.39
Goals Giants: Brand, Lawrence, Morton, Graham, Bartter, Beveridge

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