AFLW Draft Combine Player Profile: Chloe Arndt

Ahead of the first ever NAB AFL Women’s Draft Combine taking place next week at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, we are chatting with AFL NSW/ACT’s three representatives.

Today we’ve got Chloe Arndt – a forward from a footballing family in Sydney’s West, who looks up to one AFL Women’s captain in particular as she strives to make her own way into the AFLW.


Chloe Arndt



Lives in

Stanhope Gardens (Western Sydney)

High School

Year 12 at Rouse Hill High School

Which club do you play for and what position do you play? 

I play for the East Coast Eagles and I mostly play in forward line or through the middle. I love playing forward because I like to find the goals when I can. When I play in the middle, I enjoy the clearance and then pushing out to the wing for some run.

What is your cultural background?

My Dad was born in Australia and my Mum was born in Wales.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? 

I have a 21-year-old brother, Cameron and a 23-year-old sister, Jessica. Cameron has been playing AFL since he was five-years-old and Jessica just started playing AFL this year. We all play for the East Coast Eagles.

What are your favourite footy memories?

My favourite memory was playing in the boys team from nine-years-old and up until I was 13-years-old. In my last year of playing with the boys, I was awarded Runner Up Best and Fairest for the Greater Sydney Juniors Competition.

Being selected to represent the Under 18 NSW/ACT team at the Nationals at only 14-years-old was a huge thrill for me. I then went on the play in the Under 16s Nationals for school, where I was selected in the All Australian team.  

I have played in an all girls team for the past four years, where I have made a lot of great friendships.

Which AFL/AFLW team do you support?

I support Carlton in AFL and the Giants in AFL Women’s.

Who is your favourite AFL/AFLW player? Why?

My favourite player in AFL is Marc Murphy because he is a hard working midfield player, he reads the ball really well and he leads the team with pride.

My favourite player in AFLW is Katie Brennan because she is a hard working player and never gives up. She is a great role model for all the young girls playing football and is a great captain for the Western Bulldogs.

What did it mean to you to see the AFLW come to life this year?

It meant a lot to me because I never thought it would be possible for me to continue with AFL at the highest level. So now there is a professional competition, it is really exciting.

What was your favourite moment of the first AFLW season?

Seeing the Giants draw against Fremantle and then winning against Melbourne. I loved watching the player’s passion for the game and how much pride they had for their teammates and their clubs.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?

When I play, I like to have my socks even.

What are your personal goals for a potential AFLW career?

I will always try my very best to improve my skills and fitness in every game and training session. I will never give up and will endeavour to achieve every personal goal I set for myself throughout the year.  

What are you expecting from the AFL Women’s Draft Combine? 

I expect to be challenged in areas I may not have tried before. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am compared to all other players. I will ensure I challenge myself in all areas of the combine and hope to beat my personal time in the 2km time trial, beep test and skills testing.

Which event at the AFL Women’s Draft Combine will be your best event?

Skills testing and running trials.

How are you preparing for the AFL Women’s Draft Combine? 

Keeping up with my regular gym sessions, continuing to eat healthy, working on my speed and endurance testing, strength and agility.

What was the last book you read?

The Shoe Horn Sonata – for English class.

If your life was turned into a book, what would the title be?

Silky Smooth and Steely Determination – Chloe’s AFL Journey.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Meeting Nick Davis.

What are you most terrified of?

Moths and butterflies.

Who is your ultimate role model and why? 

My ultimate role model is Katie Brennan because she’s an absolute star, fantastic player, great captain and a great role model for me personally. Katie always displays a ‘never give up’ attitude, which allows you to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be.

Chloe Arndt will join 46 other players from across Australia at the 2017 NAB AFL Women’s Draft Combine on 3-4 October at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. You can keep track of all AFL NSW/ACT related results from the NAB AFL Women’s Combine on our website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages.