AFL Masters launches program for women over 35

If you’re 35-year-old woman or older, who’s never played footy but always yearned for the opportunity, this could be your chance to get out on the park!

AFL Masters has launched QuickKick, an entry level program held fortnightly in all states and territories across the country.

Sessions are absolutely free.

QuickKick is a fun, relaxed gathering of like-minded women who have always wanted to give footy a go but never got the chance when they were younger.

The objective of the project is to deliver a sport that is inclusive, fun, safe and provides a sense of belonging to participants. It aims to provide a cost-attractive option for those seeking either physical fitness or social interaction amongst aged-peers whilst also developing the next generation of coaches.

There has already been a large take up across the country, with more than 2,000 people signing up within days of QuickKick’s launch. Among them is a multiple Grand Slam tennis champion and a 73-year-old!

Of the current registered participants, one third are from NSW or Queensland, 10 per cent are born outside Australia and more than quarter have parents born outside Australia. It’s a program for all backgrounds, skills and abilites.


Key points of AFL Masters QuickKick

What: AFL Masters QuickKick is an introductory program which is designed to teach the basics in footy – from handballing and kicking, to marking and bouncing.

When: 6 x fortnightly sessions held between May and September. It will conclude in the 6th week with a fun match between the participants.

Where: AFL Masters QuickKick will be progressively rolled out throughout Australia including the ACT, Batemans Bay, Wollongong, Western Sydney, South Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Newcastle (NSW).

Who: Women aged 35 and over by 31 December 2022 (that is, born before 31 December 1987).


How to register your interest


Contact: Andi McGee | 0407 686 716 |

Or visit: AFL Masters QuickKick ACT for quick registration

First session: Sunday, 29 May from 10:30am @ Ainslie Playing Fields, Wakefield Drive



Contact: Jemma Still | 0424 540 566 |

Or visit: AFL Masters QuickKick NSW


More details on QuickKick at its website, here.



Photo: Anita Carswell is NSW’s QuickKick representative