Swans and GIANTS teams announced for Round 2 of NAB AFL Under 18 Academy Series

Image courtesy of Sydney Swans Media.


Round 2 of the 2018 NAB AFL Academy Series takes place this weekend with the GIANTS Academy and Sydney Swans Academy facing off in an Academies Sydney Derby.

Both Academies are coming off a win in Round One. The Sydney Swans took care of the Brisbane Lions Academy last week by 49 points, while the GIANTS Academy defeated the Northern Territory by 48 points. With similar winning margins in Round One, it will be interesting to see where each Academy side sits when they come up against one another.

The match will take place at 1pm on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Blacktown International Sportspark.


Selected GIANTS Academy team

Backs 27. Guy Richardson 46. Joshua Buchanan 2. Edward Perryman
Half-Backs 44. Daniel Cerni 29. Riley Budd 19. Isaac Williams
Centres 13. Kobe Lloyd 8. Jack Rowston 28. Matthew McGrory
Half-forwards 14. Shaun Driscoll 25. Tom Green 9. Nathan Coxall
Forwards 30. Baylee Jones 31. Riley Corbett 10. James Peatling
Followers 34. Kieren Briggs 23. Mathew Walker 1. Harry Grant
Interchange 4. Cameron Edwards 11. Jack Powell 45. William Clark
21. Maxwell Beaumont 24. Nicholas Murray 50. Ben Kelly
47. James Pope


Selected Sydney Swans Academy team

Backs 10. Connor Flanagan 35. Mitchell Rogers 27. Matthew Kannan
Half-Backs 32. Luke Parks 38. Michael Carroll 33. Kyle McKellar
Centres 3. Nicholas Blakey 24. Samuel Wicks 16. Joshua Stern
Half-Forwards 20. Samuel Thorne 34. Rory Barkley 25. Lachlan Swaney
Forwards 8. Kyle Veerhuis 2. Christian Loone 23. Cooper Kilpatrick
Followers 1. Zachary Cameron 36. Joey Reinhard 11. Harry Parker
Interchange 37. Harry Maguire 31. Noah Casalini 19. Isaac Bartholomaeus
  15. Tom Meacham 7. Oscar Bird 27. Matthew Kannan
  28. Jackson Barling


Another Sydney Derby will take place int he Under 16s following the Under 18s, with the GIANTS Academy again facing the Sydney Swans Academy.

See the selected Under 16s Sydney Swans Academy and GIANTS Academy squads here

This match will also take place in Blacktown on Oval No. 2 this Saturday from 3.30pm.

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