2020 AFLW and NEAFL Umpire Lists Announced

The NEAFL and the AFL Umpiring Department have announced their lists for the 2020 AFLW and NEAFL competitions with a strong selection from New South Wales and the ACT.


2020 AFLW Umpire List 


Field                                   Recruited From

Nic McGinness                   AFL Canberra/Eastlake JAFC

Matt Baigent                      AFL Sydney/Penshurst JAFC

Sam Nippress                    AFL Canberra



Liam Cashion                      AFL Canberra/Marist JAFC

Ben Fely                               AFL Canberra/Marist JAFC

Ben Duce                             AFL Sydney/St Ives JAFC

Sam Button                         AFL Sydney


Victor Petrovic                   AFL Sydney/Newtown Swans JAFC

Nic Ford                              AFL Sydney/Drummoyne Power JAFC

Taylor Mattioli                   AFL Sydney


2020 NEAFL Field Umpires List


Name                                     Recruited From

Matt Baigent                           AFL Sydney/Penshurst JAFC

Chris Brackenrig                   AFL Sydney/St Ives JAFC

Cameron Barr                        AFL Sydney/Southern FL (VIC)

Nic McGinness                      AFL Canberra/Eastlake JAFC

David Newell                         AFL Sydney/East Sydney JAFC

Sam Nippress                       AFL Canberra/AFL Central Aust

Dean Garroway                   AFL Sydney/Baulkham Hills JAFC

Joey O’Brien                        AFL Sydney/Singleton AFC (HCC)

Aaron Langdon                  AFL Sydney/Bankstown Sports

Sam Hurford                      AFL Sydney/St Ignatius College


AFL NSW/ACT State Umpiring Manager Pierce Field said that the strong contingent of talent in the AFLW and NEAFL list was a great reflection of the strong work that has been done by the umpires’ junior clubs.

“There is a serious amount of talent on this year’s NEAFL and AFLW list and we are looking forward to watching them develop of the course of the season,” Field said.

“Our junior clubs are vital to the recruitment of umpires at the community level, so we felt it was only appropriate to acknowledge them and thank them accordingly.”

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