Club Workshops

Clubs have the opportunity to book free Club administration workshops throughout the year. These workshops are interactive sessions and are delivered by an AFL NSW/ACT staff member. While the session is free, the Club is responsible for the costs of room hire and any catering needed for the session.

Topics include:

  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: this looks at how to grow and retain your volunteer workforce. It explores possible avenues for recruitment, information on job description and inductions, how to look after your volunteers during the season and how to recognise volunteers for their commitment.
  • Club Culture: this season looks at the culture within the Club. A positive club culture is the key for the growth and retention of players, volunteer, members and sponsors.
  • Grant writing: this is a more in-depth session exploring the grants on offer and how your Club can maximise the chances of being successful in their application.
  • Child abuse: this session touches on what child abuse it and what it looks like and your Club’s duty of care should you suspect or be made aware of a situation.

For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Jacinta Houston.

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